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Barrisol FGs

Fabric glass is a material that is part of the family of wall and ceiling coverings. Consisting of extremely fine glass wires, its strength and durability are the most appreciated characteristics.

Barrisol Light Lines

With Light Lines® lighting system, you can choose the look you want, depending on your decorative desires and your lighting needs.

Barrisol Clim

Silent, invisible and even.
Thanks to the consistent wall temperatures, the natural air flow and the large heat-exchanging surface of the ceiling, Barrisol® Clim® provides unparalleled comfort whether heating or cooling your home.

Editions Barrisol - Chantal Thomass

Style and glamour for your walls and ceilings!
Each motif, whether pert or graphic, presents the unique world of Ms Thomass. Paris, world capitals, the mouldings of heritage buildings, and of course, love, all wrapped in glamour and elegance.

Editions Barrisol - Hansi Museum

Hansi, an iconic artist.
Thanks to an exclusive partnership with Barrisol®, you can now create a décor with the idyllic images of Alsace.

Collection Matières - Marble Effect by BARRISOL®

Turn marble into a flexible and lightweight material with acoustic and luminous properties, which can be adapted to all shapes...
When printed in millions of colours on Artolis® and Barrisol® membranes, a wide variety of marbles can be used for unlimited applications.

Collection Matières - The Wood by BARRISOL®

Turn wood into a flexible and lightweight material with acoustic and luminous properties, which can be adapted to all shapes...
That is what the exciting new Matières range from Barrisol® promises to do...

Collection Matières - The Brick by BARRISOL®

Replace heavy materials like brick and stone with innovative lightweight materials to revolutionize interior design! Lightweight Barrisol® and Artolis® membranes allow applications out of the reach of conventional materials.

Collection Matières - Concrete by BARRISOL®

BARRISOL® ceilings and Artolis® walls are printed in millions of colours thanks to digital printing, which is now integrated into the know-how of BARRISOL®. Make concrete decors with the finish of your choice in our large range of concrete effects.


MICROSORBER® by Barrisol® is an innovative sound comfort optimizer reducing sound reflexion thanks to the use of a micro perforated foil.


The Barrisol® ELT®3D product range provides an exceptional, illuminated 3D effect by harnessing the light produced by the LEDs in the woven fabric (in a diagonal or square pattern, etc.). ELT®3D products can also be used as an acoustic solution, incorporating a specially adapted sound absorber (acoustic light).


Modernized and updated, the new Welcome brochure presents in detail all Barrisol products. Illustrated by numerous realizations, this brochure of more than 80 pages is your best communication tool to present all the Barrisol solutions to your clients.

téléchargez la brochure ESSENTIEL 2013/2014


Our new brochure « L'ESSENTIEL 2013/2014 » presents all the new Barrisol® products. Illustrated by numerous designs, this 60 page brochure is the best way to present the Barrisol® range to your clients.

téléchargez la nouvelle brochure Musée de l'Impression Sur Etoffes

Editions BARRISOL® Musée de l'Impression Sur Etoffes

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with the Museum of Textile of Mulhouse (MISE), the Barrisol® Editions range offers more than six million images from the world’s most important textile archive. This allows you the extraordinary possibility to exclusively print from the most beautiful images in the textile world.

téléchargez la nouvelle brochure Editeur comporain du patrimoine

BARRISOL® Editeur contemporain du patrimoine

Thanks to the partnership between Barrisol® and the Union of National Museums (RMN), around 750,000 pieces of art kept in national and regional museums, like « musées du Louvre”, or “Musee d’Orsay”, are available to print for your luxurious interior designs.

BARRISOL leaflet Welcome

This new leaflet present all products of Barrisol in a few illustrated pages. Simplified but also informative, it resumes perfectly the bigger "Welcome" brochure.


Discover wonderful realizations in a numerous type of place such as : restaurants, bars, shopping mall, shops, museums, halls, airports, swimming-pools, exhibitions, car-dealer, meeting-room, offices, sport-halls, schools, hospitals, ... Discover photos of some of our best realizations.

BARRISOL Barricouleur

Ontdek de nieuwe Barricolor !
Een kleurenkaart met het volledige kleurenpallet en alle technische informatie die je nodig hebt voor ieder gamma.

Le fauteuil by Vallon

Barrisol blijft innoveren, getuige hiervan een uniek concept in samenwerking met de kunstenaar Joël Vallon : le Fauteuil by VALLON.  Een gepersonaliseerde designzetel met zuivere vormen voor een interieurinrichting volgens uw verbeelding.

Luminaire PLUS

Een nieuw innovatief project is ontstaan door een samenwerking tussen Barrisol en de jonge ontwerper Alix Videlier : de PLUS verlichting. Deze minimalistische ophangarmatuur creëert een originele verlichtingssfeer voor openbare ruimtes en residentie.

Barrisol tandartspraktijk

Maak de inrichting van een tandartsenpraktijk moderner, ontvangstvriendelijker en gezelliger. Deze brochure toont de voordelen van de Barrisol® Lumière® en Lumière Color® oplossingen, licht en kleur voor het welzijn van de patiënten.

Accessories catalogue 2012

The full range of profiles, systems and accessories from Barrisol 2012 is available with all the latest news and all the information you need for your projects and your orders.

Catalogus voor gebogen profielen Barrisol® Star®

De catalogus voor gebogen profielen is vernieuwd !
Iedere bladzijde toont de verschillende buigingsmogelijkheden van de Barrisol® Star® profielen.

Kwaliteit, gezondheid en veiligheid

Barrisol plaatst kwaliteit en veiligheid voorop, in overeenstemming met de van kracht zijnde voorschriften en wetten.


Barrisol is engaged in environmental protection thanks to its line of product Les Recyclés®.

BARRISOL leaflet Acoustics® & Design

Discover our solutions to improve acoustic comfort.

BARRISOL Acoustic light®

Discover our acoustic light solutions.

BARRISOL leaflet Barrisol Lumière (light)

Discover our solutions to bring light in your interior


Barrisol brings light in your interior. Create your own atmosphere thanks to Barrisol luminous ceilings.

BARRISOL Lumiere - Color

Barrisol lumiere : a Stretch Ceiling providing evenly diffused light, with colors and forms.

Download de brochure


Print photos, patterns, logos of your choice on your ceilings and walls to create your own interior design.

BARRISOL Creadesign

Need to know more about Barrisol® CreaDesign® ? Discover all the customization possibilities offered by Barrisol CreaDesign® in this new leaflet.


Discover wonderful realizations in a numerous type of place, for private areas.

téléchargez la nouvelle brochure Piscines

BARRISOL Swimming Pool

Due to its unique composition, the Barrisol stretch ceiling fits perfectly in humid spaces like swimming pools. Discover Barrisol solutions to decorate and renovate public or privates swimming pools.

BARRISOL TrempoVision®

Onbeperkt uitneembaar en herplaatsbaar, heeft men indien nodig met BARRISOL TREMPOVISION® gemakkelijk toegang boven het plafond.

BARRISOL TrempoDesign®

Als ondersteuning voor communicatie of voor een persoonlijke inbreng is het mogelijk om op BARRISOL TREMPODESIGN foto’s, beelden of motieven te drukken dankzij de techniek van het digitaal printen...