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Since the company was founded 50 years ago, Barrisol® continues to make a conscious effort to respect and protect the environment.

New Barrisol® membrane Alphaperf

Barrisol® enhanced on its Perforés® range, the 10mm Alphaperf fabric

Butterfly by Chantal Thomass

Part of the Luminaire collection designed by Chantal Thomass for Barrisol®, in association with Osram®, this butterfly gives off a soft light, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Barrisol Clim®

Invisible, homogeneous and silent air conditioning is finally available thanks to the latest innovation of the world n°1 Barrisol® : Barrisol Clim®.

Collection Matières : MARBLE Effect

Turn marble into a flexible and lightweight material with acoustic and luminous properties, which can be adapted to all shapes... That is what the exciting new Matières range from Barrisol® promises to do


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